Jeremy Moore

Professional Position: Communications and Marketing Coordinator for Off-Campus Housing and Neighborhood Relations
Institution: University of Colorado Boulder
CPAC Involvement: Greetings! I have been involved with CPAC for 5 years in both volunteer and elected positions and am proud to now serve as the President of the organization. As President of CPAC, I provide leadership to our organization ad to the executive board, as well as serve as the primary representation between CPAC and ACPA.

During my career, I have always found true value in local and state organizations through accessible, affordable professional development, and fantastic networking opportunities. As the state division of ACPA, CPAC serves as a vital pipeline between our international parent organization, and our membership throughout the Centennial state. I feel very fortunate to be able to work with such a talented board of student affairs and higher education professionals with many years of expertise and leadership, and I encourage all CPAC members to feel free to reach out to either myself and anyone elese on the executive board if you have any further questions, concerns, or feedback. I can be reached at my email above or via Twitter @jeremycmoore.


Amy Dinise-Halter
Professional Position: Student Success
Institution: Colorado State University
CPAC Involvement: Hello Colorado! I am entering my third year on the CPAC Board. In the past, I’ve worked with CPAC Annual Conferences to provide professional development to undergraduate and graduate students and professionals throughout the state. I am excited to serve CPAC as President Elect and to continue to connect student affairs professionals and institutions as CPAC plays a critical role in providing local, affordable, professional development to the great student affairs professionals across our state. Please feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in knowing more about CPAC and how to get involved with this great organization!



Vicki Vanderwerf
Professional Position: Assistant Director, Residence Life
Institution: University of Colorado Boulder
CPAC Involvement: I have been involved in CPAC for six years through volunteering as well as through elected positions I’ve held on the board.  Members can reach out to me for identifying ways to get involved with CPAC and for networking opportunities across the state.  This year, I hope to provide CPAC with a historical perspective of where we’ve been, but more importantly, innovative ideas to help us get to where we want to be as the premier student affairs professional development organization in Colorado!



David Hoffman

David Hoffman
CPAC Involvement: I have been involved with CPAC for three and half years and this is my second year serving on the board.  As Treasurer, I manage the budget and fiscal affairs for the board, working as a liaison with ACPA to get generated revenue from membership and event registrations transferred to the CPAC checking account so the association can pay bills related to our professional development events, conferences, and administrative expenses.  As Secretary, I keep the minutes for CPAC Board meetings and an action items list to assist the board in staying focused on our tasks associated with providing quality professional development events and services to our members.  This year, I hope to assist CPAC in improving our working relationship with ACPA as an internally affiliated state chapter so that we can more accurately and transparently track revenue from registration, conference, and professional development events.  I am also supporting the board as we use an 18-month budget to get CPAC synchronized with ACPA’s calendar year budgeting system beginning in 2018.  As an association, we are also experimenting this year with new events and transitioning when we hold certain events such as the annual conference.


Alyssa Willet
Professional Position: Assistant Director, Volunteer Resource Center
Institution: University of Colorado Boulder
CPAC Involvement: I’ve been a part of the CPAC board since June 2015. Members can reach out to me for questions regarding their membership. This year, a major focus will be reaching out to the higher education programs in the state and engaging graduate students in our membership. If you have questions about joining CPAC, please feel free to reach out! I would love to tell you more about CPAC.




Patty W

Patty Witkowsky, Ph.D.
Professional Position: Instructor/Coordinator, Student Affairs in Higher Education Program
Institution: University of Colorado Colorado Springs
CPAC Involvement: I have been the Faculty Representative with CPAC since 2015 and enjoy connecting graduate students and student affairs preparation program faculty with CPAC. I hope to contribute continued organizational development and outreach to CPAC.



Jeni Carter
Professional Position:  Assistant Director of Student Life & Leadership
Institution:  Adams State University
CPAC Involvement: This is my first year as a part of the CPAC team, and I am excited to be a part!  I hope to offer a voice from a smaller, rural institution; as well as to provide outreach opportunities in order to continue CPAC’s goal of providing professional development and networking opportunities to higher education professionals and graduate students across Colorado.




Jake Murphy
Professional Position: Graduate Assistant – Student Activities & Programming
Institution: University of Colorado Colorado Springs
CPAC Involvement: I have been involved with CPAC since moving to Colorado for my Master’s, which was about 3 months ago. My role on the CPAC Executive Board is to relay information from the organization to graduate students across the state of Colorado. I will be informing graduate students on the events CPAC is hosting, opportunities for involvement within CPAC or ACPA, and a variety of other things. Graduate students can feel free to contact me if they have questions regarding CPAC/ACPA events, how to get involved within the state, and how to get in touch with other graduate students/programs across Colorado!



Henry Duong
Professional Position: Coordinator of Orientation
Institution: University of Northern Colorado
CPAC Involvement:  I became involved with CPAC’s Executive Board in 2014 and I hope to create designs and develop mediums which will connect with audiences in meaningful ways.



Lindy Stein
Professional Position: Area Coordinator 
Institution: University of Colorado Boulder
CPAC Involvement: This is my second year on the CPAC exec board in this position. I want to provide a place for people to network outside of organized events, and I hope to encourage people to stay connected within the CPAC organization. If you have ideas for social media, please send me an email!






Meghan Myron-Karels
Professional Position: Director of GALS Futures
Institution: The Girls Athletic Leadership School (GALS) – Denver
CPAC Involvement: I’ve been a member since 2012, and have served as Technology Coordinator since 2013.  I will continue to make sure that our web design is clear, consistent, and accessible to all current and future members.