CPAC is the state division of the national organization ACPA (Association of College Personnel Administrators). CPAC is committed to providing local, cost effective, professional developments for all members and institutions within the state of Colorado.

Expectations of all Board Members:
•Attend most if not all board meetings, first meeting will be in July (specifics to be determined)
•Attend at least ½ the socials/professional development opportunities (prefer all)
•Set aside 1-4 hours per week to dedicate to CPAC work depending on position
•Work toward individual position and board goals
•Must have current memberships with CPAC and ACPA by September 1st
•All board positions will work to help CPAC to uphold our statement of Inclusion
•All board members will assist in the planning of and attend the Careers in Student Affairs Institute (November) and annual Drive-In conference (Late January/Early February)
•Perform other functions and assume other responsibilities as assigned by the board
•Serve a 2-year term, if a term is vacated mid-year, the president will appoint a replacement until an April election can be held

Positions Qualifications:
Must be a current CPAC and ACPA member by September 1 of their term and have a commitment to moving the organization forward in a positive and energizing way.

Executive Board Position Descriptions & Responsibilities

Past President:
•Share knowledge of the CPAC history and be a support to the board and current president
•Be the CPAC representative to the ACPA foundation and the CPAC past presidents
•Coordinate the awards selection and presentation for the conference with other past presidents
•Help to recruit Senior Student Affairs and Faculty Liaison member
•Coordinate the awards selection and presentation for the conference with other past presidents
•Lead any constitutional review processes

•Serve as the highest elected office of the organization and represents CPAC within ACPA
•Schedule and lead CPAC board meetings
•Maintain communication and records with ACPA
•File the start-of-year and annual report with ACPA
•Attend ACPA Summer Leadership Meeting and ACPA National Convention
•Oversee the planning of events (breakfast seminars, webinars, socials) and assign board members to lead
•Create the annual vision for CPAC
•Collaborate with ACPA for newest directives and expectations
•Create a cohesive board where all members are contributing and invested in the future of the organization
•Communicate with other state presidents
•Work with each board position to support them in accomplishing goals

President-Elect (3 year commitment):
•In the absence of the president act as president at all business meetings and learn the role of the presidency to take over after one year
•Coordinate the nominations and elections of his/her board
•Learn the role of CPAC within ACPA
•Attend CPAC Annual Convention
•Attend ACPA Summer Leadership Meeting
•Assist President to accomplish their goals

Office Manager:
•Record keeper of the Association, keep minutes of all sessions, and distribute minutes to members
•Responsible for the minutes of the meeting and distribution (appoint someone in your absence)
•Maintain file-record system
•Distribute meeting minutes within one week of board meetings
•Disburse funds subject to the approval of the president and make financial reports to the board
•Maintain accurate records of all financial transactions including membership, deposits, withdrawals, expenses and reimbursements
•Attend CPAC Annual Conference
•Provide financial information for mid-year and annual report to ACPA
•Research and prepare financial information for annual fee structure proposals
•Work with president to plan and set budget for upcoming year by July 15th
•Look into CDs and other financial options to ensure a solid and growing budget for future years

Membership Coordinator:
•Maintain membership listserv. Coordinator should be main membership contact for members
•Create membership projections for possible projects/initiatives
•Maintain communication with membership to ensure timely renewal
•Have accurate membership records
•Keep attendance records for members
•Collaborate with other board members to recruit new members
•Seek to engage all Colorado institutions

 Technology Coordinator:
•Be responsible for the CPAC website
•Maintain website and update with accurate and up-to-date information and events
•Work with ACPA to maximize use of ACPA-sponsored platforms (listserv, registration, website)
•Be responsible for recording all presentations to be shared online
•Work with President-Elect to do elections online in the Spring
•Maintain a resource bank on website

Social Networking Coordinator:
•Look into new ways to connect with members (online blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
•Post to social networking sites daily/weekly
•Maintain a blog publication website for members
•Market upcoming events
•Responsible for taking photos and maintaining a photo collection.

Marketing Coordinator:
•Responsible for communicating events and resources to CPAC membership through various means of marketing
•Serve as graphics designer for marketing tools
•Work with events coordinators, social networking coordinator and technology coordinator for CPAC events and resources
•Develop transparent, clear, engaging and effective communication for all CPAC stakeholders
•Collaborate with Membership coordinator to recruit and market for other members and member institutions

Conference Chair:
•Chair the annual drive in conference
•Collaborate with other board members to plan, implement, and market the annual conference
•Liaison with the ACPA International Office to communicate event details and to help market the conference
•Chair the annual Careers in Student Affairs Institute
•Collaborate with other board members to plan the institute, specifically, the Graduate Student Representative

Graduate Student Representative:
•Represent graduate students and programs in the state of Colorado
•Serve on the Careers in Student Affairs Institute committee
•Provide presentation proposal geared towards graduate students at the CPAC Conference
•Seek to engage graduate student involvement in CPAC

 Events Coordinator:
•Responsible for coordinating regional events that represent the needs of the membership
•The two event coordinators will work in tandem with the executive board to put on events for the membership including but not limited to the monthly breakfast professional development series and social events
•Help develop professional development and social events for CPAC members to further the organization’s mission
•Assess membership in order to develop needs and interest-based events
•Coordinate preparations and executions of events with executive board

Senior Student Affairs Liaison-Appointed:
•Assist with events and projects of CPAC and be a voice of the general membership
•Serve on the annual conference program review team as they are connected to the broader field and what the current issues and needs are
•Support CPAC in the effort to reach out and to provide professional development to members’ at all professional levels
•Provide resources to board and members for professional development (i.e.- research articles, unique videos)

Faculty Member Liaison-Appointed:
•Assist with events and projects of the Association and be a voice of the general membership
•Connect with grad prep faculty across the state and help connect and inform them of CPAC events and get grad students involved
•Serve on the Careers in Student Affairs Institute planning team
•Serve on the annual conference program review team as they are connected to the broader field and what the current issues and needs are